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Flatstack - Ruby on Rails and Mobile development

Reconnecting in Baja

Chris Schultz

Our US-based leadership team had the opportunity to connect in-person for the first time in more than two years ago. We gathered in Todos Santos, Mexico, where the desert meets the ocean. A soulful place which helped us reconnect, release, and put our minds together toward what lies ahead for Flatstack. It felt good to be together again!

The sales and marketing side of Flatstack has been distributed, with everybody working remotely, for almost 10 years. We're used to a communication flow and a work rhythm that allows us to be effective yet asynchronous. Our long-awaited offsite reinforced the importance of teams getting together in-person on a regular basis, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually. I believe relationships are built in person and then can be reinforced online.

In the weeks since our offsite, I've noticed a renewed ease and trust with members of our team. They've each confirmed it was a helpful refresh. My favorite part of our offsite in Mexico was our team hike from Punta Lobos to the old Puerto Viejo. There is a secret beach, which you can only get to by hiking in or by boat. We swam in the ocean and had lunch. During that hike, I saw our spirits reconnect with each other in a way we had all been longing for. It filled my soul with happiness to be together with this team again.

As you reconnect with relationships that are important to you this year, I wish you the same joy and fulfillment as we adapt to the new ways in which we all can work together.

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