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Flatstack is an international IT-company with offices in Kazan, New Orleans and Warsaw. Now there are 60 talented developers, designers, project managers and QAs in our team. Since 2006 we’ve been developing software for ambitious startups and mature companies with a big user base. We also develop our own product, a corporate bonus-shop, Rewards.
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Set People up to Succeed. Believe in Them
With the help of the Rewards Program we can thank our colleagues for their excellent work, and these thankyous will transform to nice presents from the corporate shop. Another great example of living by this value is that our iOS-team has released an instrument that helps to achieve your goals.
Great Work is a Matter of Pride
Our customers are ambitious startups with new ideas and mature companies with a big user base. These are a rental service for travellers with kids, a network for the youth, photobooks creation service, parking systems without gates, software for hospitals and ambulances, software for oil derricks, and many others. Our daily work helps to make a difference. 
Doing > Talking
We’re experts at:
  • Project Management
  • Android & iOS Apps Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Front-End
  • User Experience & Interface Design
Be Curious & Never Stop Learning
The company successfully runs the mentoring program. Each employee has a personal development plan and an experienced mentor that helps to follow it and achieve goals. An experienced mentor also has a mentor 😅 . Twice a year, we review our skills level and climb the career ladder.

Innovate. Make mistakes. Learn
There are several competence centers in our company: Ruby-on-Rails, Frontend-technologies, mobile development, UX and UI, project management. Every week we have internal training and workshops; write articles for Medium, discuss breaking news from the IT world and more in a cozy book club and enlightening English Club.

Flatten the World & Explore it
Сoming from the name of our company that stems from the book “The world is flat” by Thomas Friedman, this core value creates the ability to collaborate globally, allowing us to have offices and clients from all over the world. Kazan, New Orlean,Vancouver, New York, Banglore, Washington, Moscow, Melbourne, Paris, Voronezh, Abuja, Kinshasa, Geneva, Barcelona, Mexico, Brasilia,London, Houston, Almetevsk, Ibiza, Warsaw and more. 

Communicate Transparently
& Honestly
Open communication is the foundation for a good contact. There are no “closed doors” and everyone can honestly discuss any questions with a colleague. Practice of regular 1-on-1meetings helps to sort everything out in time. Quarterly managers share company news. Also agenda and meeting notes are must-have for every meeting.

Work Hard. Play Hard
Every programmer should have a chance to get away to be productive. And for that we have a  table soccer and darts, a couple of sport devices and a gym downstairs, couches, board games and X-box, an open terrace and a cozy office kitchen with lemonades.  And what’s more we regularly celebrate project advances and organize hackathons. 
Win, Win, Win = Customers, Employees, Company
This is the main value of our team. Whatever happens, we try to look at a situation from these points of view. It’s complicated, but it works. From 2006.

Create Awesomeness
Good instruments and perfect mood are needed to create remarkable things. For this purpose we have a Laptop Program - the company subsidizes the purchase of MacBooks. Monthly bonus is paid to our employees who work with us more than a year. Also we help relocating specialists to find housing.

Open Positions
We’re always looking for great talent
Don’t see anything that sounds like you? Send us an email to telling us a little bit about yourself and why you’d be a great addition to the Flatstack Team.
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