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You have the vision — and we have the development experience to bring your ideas to life. From Fortune 500 companies to new, groundbreaking ventures, Flatstack has built award-winning iOS, Android, and web applications for more than  a decade, and our team has received accolades from YouTube and GitHub.
Premium Parking
Offering the fastest and most convenient way to park in America.
monthly users
markets located in U.S.
parking technology locations
Kid & Coe
Handpicked, kid-friendly vacation destinations around the world.
monthly users
curated properties
locations around the world
Research-led consultancy and subscription servicesfor the global energy industry.Westwood Global Energy Group
Research-led consultancy and subscription services
for the global energy industry.
  • 15 years of rig-market coverage and expertise
  • Specialists in markets around the world
  • Integrating 49 technologies to build unique research analysis
Award-winning technology for Emergency Medical
Staff (EMS) and Hospitals.
  • Saving EMS teams 14 minutes per patient
  • More than 45,000 patients served
  • Saving hospitals up to $350,000 per year
Award-winning technology for Emergency MedicalStaff (EMS) and Hospitals.
Media Buzz
Westwood  has reimagined its user journey, from the landing page to the user workflows. The back-end platform was rebuilt to enhance speed and optimize data capture and input.
Modern Healthcare
Hospitals are tackling measle outbreaks with the pre-hospital communication system, Twiage.
Parking mobility
Premium Parking  is bringing its operational excellence to a diverse array of industries including commercial, healthcare, residential, and retail.
This Airbnb exclusively for families is genius. Kid & Coe takes  the guesswork out of vacation rentals with littles.
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