UI/UX, iOS & Android app
Adme is a place for creativity and inspiration.

With Adme you can discover the brightest works of various artists,
designers, photographers, and advertisers. The apps are currently available for iOS or Android, download, and rate the app please!
Main goal
The main goal was to develop an app that creates the same experience as if you are using the website. We also wanted to redirect users to the AppStore for more feedback: at the end of each page we ask users to write a comment or rate the app.
     Using this method we achieved the following:
   • average rating in the App Store of 5 points for 6000 reviews; 
   • hundreds of letters with suggestions and improvements that allowed us to understand which features are insufficient.
Android app​
For Android developers the most interesting task was to implement slider view and photo preview. The most difficult task was to build joint codebase for all versions and write additions for Russian, English and Spanish versions.
App is compatible with iPhone 5/6/6+

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