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Founder of Kid & Coe, Zoie Coe, featured with her children. 
Kid & Coe is revolutionizing travel for families by offering curated, kid-friendly homes in vacation destinations around the globe.

With Flatstack’s technical know-how on her side, Founder Zoie Coe’s vision has grown into a unique international platform for adventurous families,  with more than 10,000 nights booked between 1000+ locations around the world. The company has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Digital Trends, Conde Nast Traveler, and more mommy blogs than we can count.

What Is Needed—
"One month, we need more frontend help—and the next, we need help with the backend," Coe said. "We want the flexibility of working with development partners that allow us to dynamically adjust to current needs.”

A Working Relationship—
Coe sought out a trustworthy, capable partner to scale with the travel platform’s evolving needs, and to develop strategic technical planning for the product's future. She hired Flatstack in 2017 to speed up UI/UX, Front-end, and Ruby on Rails development. 

“Right up front, Flatstack gave us a test project for free,” Coe said. “You have to be pretty organized [to] work remote. So it can be challenging to keep things on track, and Flatstack is really good about this. They always have daily stand-up meetings and are a big help with best practices and tooling around technology to keep us organized.”

Continuing to improve—
Kid & Coe continues to grow, adding locations, customers, and new features. Flatstack fully supports the development of Kid & Coe's site, handling everything from hot-fixes to strategic architecture changes, while working hand-in-hand with Zoie and the rest of the team.

“Flatstack always makes sure we have the right testing in place and that we’re staying competitive from a dev perspective,” says Coe. “As a nontechnical person, I feel very grateful for that.”

What We've Built—
Explore Destinations
A responsive, accurate filter for families with children, which allows parents to choose accommodations they’ve always dreamt about, without sacrificing the comfort of their little ones. Users can check the price by night, search group amenities, and browse 50+ vacation markets globally. 

Digital Tours & Booking Requests
After making a selection, parents can review the inside of their chosen accommodations and send a booking request to its host.

Intelligent Cart
Parents can access their "Cart" at any time to check the status of their booking request and can use the "Delete" button to easily cancel the reservation.  

Messaging Hosts
If parents have questions concerning living conditions, geographical variables, or virtually anything else—they can send additional direct messages to their host whenever necessary.

Global Development
Our work continues as Kid & Coe grows to encompass more users and locations around the world

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