Mail Tracker
Front-end Development, Ruby on Rails Development
Mail Tracker is a service that lets you check your mail delivery anytime and from anywhere. Through Mail Tracker you can view maps and download detailed reports. The service is designed to bulk process responses of delivery / post that is generates. This is especially useful for services like money donations, online orders, calls to your office, or to the call centre. 

Flatstack team most commonly used stack, which includes the following: postgresql, redis, sidekiq and Ruby on Rails.

The main difficulty we faced was proper organization of the project architecture — we had to handle a lot of data: distribution of tasks between the background processes, the organization of regular contacts and database inquiries.

If you're looking to grow, let us build a Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android development or design team for you. To ensure a great working partnership we offer a free, no obligation, 24 hour test task approach.

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