We have set ourselves a great goal to make it easier for the for engineers to test bots they create. We created this landing page that would easily inform of the purpose and logic of the service.
How the service works
Initially we used a piece of code in "How it works" block because we thought that the audience will consist of program developers only.
However, later we discovered that visitors of the landing page are not only developers. That is why we have simplified the block: the code is moved down and the stages of working with this service are shown instead.
Service feedback
We added a part of JSON report for program developers, which they receive from the service, and defined the key properties of the document.
Responsive design
Pages adapt to any user's device and present the service equally well on desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
We created a UI guideline to make it easier for the client to develop the product, while keeping the initial style. The guideline includes all the elements of the interface and typography.
We closely and regularly interacted with the client to ensure 
that the client's vision matched with our work.

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