Projects Climate
UI/UX, Ruby on Rails Development, Front-end Development

Projects Climate is Flatstack internal app that helps monitor and control certain KPI of projects. It helps with risks management, meet the deadlines & just to keep projects in good shape. To bring more attention to the risky projects, we placed them at the beginning of the project list on the dashboard.

Create project​​​​​​​
A project manager creates a project, adds its team members and all the metrics needed to monitor the project.

New report
The managers should fill in project data to easily track statistics of projects’ condition at some given period of time during the team’s work. The data can be added manually or automatically, based on the last sprint:

Velocity — metric that visualizes how fast the team finishes tasks.

Team Rotation shows if there were any changes within team structure or team members’ vacations.

Scrum Checklist shows if team had held events like Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-up, Sprint Demo and Sprint Retrospective.

Code Climate Score shows code's quality.

Delighted Score shows client's score on the team's work at 10-point scale. 
Data from this services loads automatically

Project metrics
On the details page, you can see more information about the metrics, which a team should work on more to launch the project on time and leave the client happy with all the work done.

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