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With Rewards employee recognition lifts on a new level
How Rewards works
Every month users get bonuses/points to reward their colleagues for their great work. The allowance is getting refreshed at the beginning of each month.

Giving a bonus is simple
Each bonus includes four things: an amount, a recipient, a reason, and a hashtag.
Bonus amount
Bonuses can be given in any amount. If a bonus is given to more than one recipient, every recipient receives a bonus from the giver in that amount.
Bonus recipients
Every bonus includes at least one recipient, but there is no limit to the number of recipients that can be added to a bonus.
The reason
Each bonus includes a written reason, so everyone can see all the great work happening across your organization every day.
Each bonus includes at least one hashtag. Hashtags reveal trends and provide insights into your team's values and interests.

System of the reports
The main advantage of the report system is a graphical representation of the data making it clear and simplifying the analysis.

Bonus earnings
Bonus earnings can be spent on anything from your company’s global reward catalogue.

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