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Timebox camera is a professional system for ultra-long time-lapse shooting, as well as online monitoring and instant remote access to video footage and photographic material. Everything is stored in the cloud and is available at any time.

Landing page
Landing page with a detailed description of the proposed cameras characteristics and additional devices was created in order to sell and rent cameras

Camera Management

A service has been developed to obtain information about cameras, save video timelines and screenshots from installed cameras.
Through the main administrator's panel, all the installed cameras that are provided to customers are monitored.

This panel also imposes restrictions on the rights of organizations. Therefore each group has access to its camera angles only.

Customers who own Timebox cameras can monitor the status of the cameras through the client panel, and change camera settings.

Each camera has a GPS tracker, enabling the location of the camera and its view to be displayed on the map.

Mobile app

Managing cameras from your phone is possible using the application on iOS and Android. It is also possible to work with cameras through a web service, without installing additional applications.

Development technologies

Shooting in the timelapse is an opportunity to stay on top of the events and not to lose sight of any detail. Now you can demonstrate how the object was built to everyone.

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