Trip Tribe
UI/UX, Front-end Development, Ruby on Rails Development​​​​​​​
Trip Tribe is a service that matches you with the right trips and the right people.

The main challenge
Create a new feature on the site, called "Tribes". Make a new home page
where the Tribe will show with information on their members. Also the project already had a basic website design and code base
Tribes is a group of people of interest, where people can find new friends,
talk to each other and travel together to Trip.

To show Tribes that actually match the users we had to collect information about users and their interests. The main point was to make sure that it did not distract and helped users.

After some research and analysis we showed the client this prototype
of Home page. After our discussion of the UI/UX we changed
and added some more details…

Also we had to show more informations on Tribe's thumbnails
with some statistics.

Final result
Finally we finished home page and created a couple more pages.

To show Tribes that actually match the users we created
a step-by-step questionnaire.

Tribes page with filter by members

Tribe detailed page includes information on related trips, members,
and chat service, where everyone can discuss possible future trips.

Feature "Tribes" was successfully implemented on time, thereby increasing the activity of users. On production there are Tribes with more than 10k members.

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