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Upscribed is a web-based platform to manage the content marketing lifecycle

​​​​​​​The MVP development took 60 days. To hit the deadlines, we applied a rails-base skeleton that uses the Zurb Foundation CSS framework. As part of MVP we developed the work of the editor, administrator, and data import process.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​We have changed the appearance of the project by using the CSS-framework settings.​​​​​​​

Organization User
The editor tracks orders through the dashboard.  The dashboard shows the information about orders and allows admins to view and control the processes. 

The editor is responsible for client management and orders.​​​​​​​ Orders have pre-filled fields for each client, it helps to reduce the fill in time when creating a new order form.

The Interaction of the processes of the editor scheme

Bulk Import
 To simplify the work with the service, importing customers and orders has been developed.

The data import operation scheme:

To work on the content of several persons (client, editor, organisation), we have developed online commenting. The approved content gets changed to the "Approved" status.

The approved content can be published to various services (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, etc.).

Organization Administrator
The administrator can track and assign new employees as administrator or editor.

To maintain integrity and speed up all the further development, a styleguide of the project has been made.

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