Our clients put it best

In 2021, we embarked on a journey to revamp Zone. We had many issues and wanted to build something highly functional for our customers that would full fill our vision of becoming a tech-enabled consulting firm. Through your incredible efforts and talents, we have now achieved that dream! Thank you for your partnership and everything you’ve brought to AIIR and its customers. The Coaching Zone you’ve built will be used for years to come and will facilitate the growth and development of the most significant organizational leaders around the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everyone at AIIR is incredibly grateful for your hard work!

Regards, Jonathan

Built by Flatstack

We've built products for the web since 2005, including writing the first line of code for a future unicorn, who we continue to work for today. We've built a handful of products that have gone on to be acquired and have helped 20+ companies build prototypes to raise funding.

Always on the cutting edge

Our current focus is on artificial intelligence. In other words, we're bent on unleashing the power of intelligent machines to help grow your business. We have our heads down on a few projects, including facial recognition software for lawyers, helpful chatbots for healthcare workers, and AI-powered website makeovers.
Does your business have software that requires
  • Data entry? Contracts?
  • Chat interaction? Facial recognition?
  • Training? Custom content (written, visual, video) creation?
Yes, AI can do that, and yes, we can help.

Benefits of working with Flatstack 🌎

24/7 Productivity

We use "follow-the-sun" development to lower the time-to-market for client projects. As a globally dispersed company, when one part of our team finishes their workday, another seamlessly takes over.

Diverse Perspectives

Our diverse team of developers from around the world brings unique perspectives and skills, fostering creativity and innovation for better problem-solving and AI solutions.

Language Adaptation

We leverage the language and cultural expertise of our global team to develop software for international markets, ensuring accurate translations, culturally-sensitive user interfaces, and effective communication.

Reduced Dependency

Having a distributed team means reducing dependency on a single location or office. Our clients love the way that this improves the resilience of the development process and minimizes the impact of unexpected events.

Superpower my business with AI

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